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Join us on the best tours in the world, such as Huayhuash trekking, trekking in the Cordillera Blanca, Inka Culture, and Machu Picchu...

Cordillera Blanca

Juventino Martin Albino Caldua Huascarán is the highest mountain in Peru, and also the highest mountain in the tropics. Climbing Huascaran is the goal for many climbers who come to South America...

Cordillera Huayhuash

Juventino Martin Albino CalduaCircuit of the Cordillera Huayhuash is considered one of the world's most beautiful trekking. Not an easy journey, as steps were tall cross, but his effort is rewarded with spectacular views...

Nevado Alpamayo

Juventino Martin Albino CalduaThe pyramidal Mount Alpamayo, is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The ascent towards the summit is very steep and is mostly technical climbing...

Nevado Artesonraju

Juventino Martin Albino CalduaThe second most beautiful mountains of Peru - Cordillera Blanca The legend says that this mountain represents the logo of Paramount Pictures in the film industry. ...

Nevado Pisco

Juventino Martin Albino Caldua Pisco is a very attractive mountain for foreign climbers and is a good option for those who are acclimatized...


Juventino Martin Albino CalduaColca is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Peru...


Juventino Martin Albino CalduaHuaca de la luna is an adobe building is located north of Peru...


Juventino Martin Albino CalduaThe floating islands of the Uros are a group of artificial islands made of reeds(Totora)...


Expeditions Nevado Maparaju, Huapi & Ishinca

New program 2017!

Cordillera Blanca with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and for foreign climbers is a good option for those who are need a good acclimatized.

Expedition Nevado Yanapaccha & Chopicalqui... confirmed 100%
Yanapaccha: This mountain can be climbed all year round, and is a good place for climbing and rescue courses due to the amount of crevices and climbing walls.

Chopicalqui: Is the third Huascaran peak of the massif, located in the Cordillera Blanca.
Date: 14.06 / 22.06.2017 click

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Video of Nevado Ranrapalca
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